Blue Hydrangea in Delilah Pot

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Share the magic of Blue Hydrangea, a delightful present that embodies serenity and charm, perfect for those special moments that deserve a touch of elegance.

Key Features:

  • Enchanting Blue Blooms: Adorned with captivating blue blossoms, this hydrangea exudes a sense of calmness and beauty, making it a thoughtful gift to express your emotions during those cherished times.

  • Long-lasting Elegance: With proper care, this enduring plant will continue to grace their space with serene blue hues, creating lasting memories during those memorable occasions.

  • Easy Care: Blue Hydrangea is fuss-free and simple to maintain, ensuring a stress-free and joyful experience for both seasoned and novice plant enthusiasts.

Embrace the allure of Blue Hydrangea and make those meaningful moments even more special with this heartfelt and blooming gift of tranquility!

Product Information

Mature Height: N/A

Mature Width: N/A

Container: 6" White Delilah Overpot

Water Requirements: Twice a week after established

Sun Tolerance: N/A

Hardiness Zones: N/A
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Botanical Name: N/A

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Shipping Box Dimensions: 8"x8"x18"

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    Your Handy Hydrangeas Care Guide

    • Sunlight

      Hydrangeas love the semi-shade, so find a spot in your garden where they can bask in gentle sunlight. If you choose a sunny location, no worries—just remember to water a bit more frequently, especially during those toasty summer months.

    • Planting

      Give your hydrangeas a cozy home by digging a hole two to three times bigger than their pot. Add some nutrient-rich potting soil to pamper their roots. Before planting, gently loosen the edges of the root ball to encourage those roots to explore and grow. If the root ball seems dry, treat them to a refreshing soak in a bucket of water for a few minutes before planting.

    • Watering

      Once your hydrangeas are in the ground, give them a good drink of water to settle in comfortably. To help them establish and thrive, keep up with regular watering, especially during their early days. But, here's a friendly reminder: avoid overwatering, as these beauties prefer a healthy balance.

    Find Your Hardiness Zone

    Identifying your hardiness zone and matching it to your chosen hydrangea is crucial for ensuring it thrives in your local climate, providing year-round beauty and reducing maintenance efforts. Choose wisely and cultivate a flourishing garden with the perfect hydrangea for your environment.

    Not sure which hardiness zone you're located in? Check the map below or enter your zip code to find out!